Friday, March 18, 2011

Supermoon Causes Super High Tides in Squamish

Something interesting is happening this weekend, a Supermoon! With this phenomenon comes super high tides in Squamish - on the order of 15.4ft on Saturday through to Tuesday March 22. I would expect that his would entice more steelhead into our local rivers for the first full weekend of spring steelhead season. Good luck out there and remember to share the river and practice proper river etiquette as it will be busy!

Tight lines,

Clint Goyette

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Squamish / Whistler Fishing Report - March 13, 2011

Updated Mar 13, 2011

Whistler/Squamish Area Lakes: Frozen!
Whistler/Squamish Area Rivers: Fishing has been intermittent with the wacky weather we've been having. Rivers levels are increasing due to the rain and the higher freezing levels. A warm stretch of weather is coming later in the week which will increase bug and fry activity. We should see a dramatic increase in this seasonal event towards the end of the week. Slender flies with flash are key in low and clear conditions with increasing size as water colour diminishes. Flies in the size #8 stripped slowly or swung are producing fish in 1-3ft of water. Olive, black, white and naturals are go to colours - add silver flash. Be sure to bring small dry flies for the days that get see a change of 10+ degrees in air temperature. The bugs will hatch at Noon to 2pm! As for the steelhead front a few fish are around now. The full moon, high tides, increase in precipitation and warmer air temperatures this week should bring more fish into the lower river thus kicking off the real beginning of our winter steelhead return.

Upper Squamish Valley Rd.: Snowcovered but melting....I give it at least another week.

Tight Lines,

Clint Goyette