Squamish River Chum Retention Opportunity

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Category(s):RECREATIONAL – Salmon Fishery Notice – Fisheries and Oceans Canada Subject: FN0923-RECREATIONAL – Salmon – Region 2 – Squamish River Chum Retention Opportunity Returns of chum salmon to the Squamish River in 2009 are sufficient to provide a retention opportunity on the Squamish River. Effective 00:01 hours November 11, 2009 until 23:59 hours November 29, 2009 in the mainstem of … Read More

Squamish River Steelhead Survey

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It has been rumoured and pretty much verified that the Ministry of Environment (MoE) is taking the funding away from managing steelhead in the Lower Mainland. There will remain a steelhead biologist on staff, however, none of the time that this person spends will be on enhancing or managing steelhead. That would mean that all of us that purchase a … Read More

Spring Wrap Up

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Spring Wrap Up Spring 2009 has been a time of volunteering and reconnaissance. Volunteering with the Squamish Streamkeepers at the Meighan Creek fish fence once a week counting coho smolts heading to sea was great. On one occasion I had my 5 year old son and my 7 year old daughter come along to see what is was all about. … Read More

Try Stump Lake in Squamish

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Finally the ice is off our local lakes and the fish are hungry!  May 3rd marked the first day trip for fun to a local lake in Alice Lake Provincial Park called Stump Lake.  Stump lake is easy to get to with a short 5 minute hike in from the paid parking lot in the Park.  It is the first … Read More


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For Immediate Release 2009 ENV0028-000815  April 8, 2009  Ministry of Environment FRESHWATER ANGLERS WON’T NEED A LICENCE UNTIL APRIL 18 VICTORIA –  Anglers who want to fish in British Columbia’s lakes, rivers and streams during the next nine days won’t have to worry about buying a new fishing licence, Environment Minister Barry Penner announced today.  Penner signed an order earlier … Read More

No Fishing for Chinook in the Lower Lillooet River

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RECREATIONAL – Salmon Fishery Notice – Fisheries and Oceans Canada Subject: FN0253-Salmon: Birkenhead River Chinook – Birkenhead River and Lower Lillooet River in Region 2 – Recreational Management Actions In 2008, the spawning escapement of Birkenhead River Chinook declined to a very low level. The 2009 returns are expected to be low as well and the Department is implementing additional … Read More

Freshwater Angling Guide Career Profile Posted

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Go2Hr.ca has posted a new article on a career as a Freshwater Angling Guide on the Go2 website. If you are interested in becoming an Angling Guide in BC there is some information located in another one of my articles here. That’s all I have time to post for now. I’m off to get ready for my trip in the … Read More