Thursday, March 27, 2008

Upper Pitt River Power Project Squashed...For Now

Hooray! All the hard work and uproar from concerned citizens has resulted in Minister of Environment Barry Penner to cancel the Upper Pitt River Power Project's plan to put power lines through Pinecone Provincial Park. Thank you to all who went out to show their disapproval.




Othmar Vohringer said...

Living in Maple Ridge that project was of great concern to me. I am glad it could be stopped for now. Let’s hope we can stop it for good

Nice blog by the way and very informative.

DeeWillyFree said...


We know we need power to all the things we do including getting to and from the fishing holes, but for Christ's sake ... can't they generate the power for doing it in someone ELSE'S backyard! We want our backyard pristine! Think of the land values, people!

Roz said...

Well written article.